Staring at the wall of overwhelm in your business trying to make heads or tails of the mess.

Let's get you out!

Whether you want to sell physical products or virtual services you need technology to help you run your business. From Keap (InfusionSoft) to MailChimp, SquareSpace, ClickFunnels to WordPress and custom development, and that’s just the customer facing software, it’s easy to see how you can get lost in all of the tech that exists these days. Ideally your business would never get here, but crawling out of the dark hole of bad technology decisions is not where your time is best spent.

Experience Where It Matters

In the last 25+ years I have helped people from the launch phase to mid-project recovery to completion and ongoing maintenance of their online businesses in industries ranging from banking to healthcare to travel. I have seen what works (and what doesn’t) for businesses of all sizes and goal sets and take a hands-on approach by actually using the tools that I recommend. I know what they can do and what they cannot do, so I’m not just talking theory. Technology is industry agnostic but my primary focus now is in the healthcare, fitness, wellness, and retreat/event industries.

Your project will benefit from my broad range of expertise and services while knowing that they all come with the same promise of making your online business goals achievable AND affordable. While maybe more importantly keeping your business running smoothly. My experience has taught me that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to anything and knowing how to prioritize and implement the things that you may find scary is my passion. Let’s get your business started the right way before bad things happen.

Done For You, With You

From changing autoresponders to navigating the ins-and-outs of the alphabet soup of technology (ever heard of SPF/DKIM, CRM, EMS, GDPR?) it’s no wonder that most small businesses fail within the first year! Even Website design, development and management, payment gateways and merchant accounts, shipping and logistics, funnels, ads, and measurement of results. If you’re a professional in any industry other than technology these are enough to make you give up on your dream and pick up the classified ads. I can help you make your dream come true without all of the hair pulling frustrations and late night Googling. When we are done you will know everything you need to know and nothing extra so that you can keep your business lean and running forward.  


These two types of “websites” deserve their own heading. With just a few tools you can create your own quiz and know so much more about your actual customer than you think. Quizzes are some of the best ways to know what your customer really wants instead of guessing. You may have heard it said “sell them what they want, give them what they need”, well with quizzes you no longer have to do that. You can find the right customer for you and your knowledge.

Project Management, Leadership & Hiring

Websites like Fiver and UpWork have made hiring developers and designers super easy, but what they don’t tell you is developers speak a different language. No, not literally, but metaphorically. Talking to a technical person about technical things is a special skill set and if you’re paying by the hour that can cost you dearly. I have oh so many stories about people getting surprise bills and sticker shock for the calls and emails that were all being billed to them. I have the unique ability to walk in both worlds. If you have a team that you work with, but are looking for someone to take over leading and manage them, look no further.

Ads & Metrics

Ever wonder why your ads aren’t working? What tools are the best for measuring them or where your traffic is coming from and if it’s adding value or if you’re just paying for clicks to nowhere? Let me help you to understand what actions users are taking on your site and let’s get that under control and giving you meaningful actionable data so that you can know what’s working and what isn’t.


Ever found yourself scrolling social and see a great offer, swipe up and next thing you know you’ve got a new set of ginsu knives on the way? Then 2 days later you’ve bought the upgraded cookware and private cooking lessons? You, my friend, were in a funnel. These are great tools if you know how to use them and are very powerful. They can really be the crux of your business with no need to create blogs or other forms of content. Just write some top notch copy or make an awesome video and you’ll be off and running.

Coaching & Speaking

You have an idea for an online business or an existing business that’s not generating results or worse yet, losing you money every month? Maybe you’re a coach looking to host a mastermind or workshop and need someone to “talk techy” to your group. I will work with you to help you find the right mindset and reach your goals and along the way find the leaks in your existing funnels, processes, technologies. I offer coaching and speaking in all areas of technology and specialize in the business niches of healthcare, fitness and wellness, travel and events.