If you want to build a sustainable business on the internet you need a list, plain and simple. But your customers are smart and can see through the traditional "old school" methods, making them just not work as well anymore.

If your opt-ins, lead magnets and newsletter signups aren't performing like they used to or if your open rates are dropping by the month read on and learn about new ways to get better customers by engaging them from the start and providing the V (that's VALUE) from the start.

"But I have XX followers"

And to that we say great!

But don't kid yourself into believing that things can't change on a whim and with one person controlling the major ones, well you know what Spiderman said...

"With great power comes great responsibility."*

*Spiderman is not real, but you get the point right?

Stop placing the responsibility for your businesses growth in the hands of someone you don't know.

Have you ever tried one of these?

…and the same processes Fortune 500 companies use are becoming available to small businesses and
start ups... giving everyone a major edge.

It's through automations like these...

Companies like Mercedes have increased their lead-to-test drive ratio...

Chef’s like Jamie Oliver have sold thousands of books...

Small and large online stores are generating 900-1500% Return on Investment (ROI)...

and as you will see, much more.

Using systems like Messenger even a 1-man business can compete with giants, thanks to true conversational automation which is one of the major keys to sales.

Conversation is the most important and often overlooked part of the sales process. Much more important than what product you are selling, how much it costs, or any of the normal metrics companies typically care about.


Because if you can talk to someone and get to know them you’ll discover how they might benefit from your product and be able to offer them a direct solution to THEIR problem using YOUR product.

Your client's typical journey would look something like this...

Your clients are here with a problem.

Step 1
You listen to your client

Step 2
You offer your client a direct solution

Step 3
That leads to a sale of your product.

Your clients are happy with the solution that


You would have to have a team of people on the phone or at events non stop and that’s just not viable for a small company...

Until now...

With Messenger being used by nearly 2 Billion people, and our ability to fully automate the conversational process inside of it, small companies can finally scale the conversational process and generate more sales.

With less effort and time involved to do so...

WHILE providing a quality experience for their user which enhances the relationship for the long term. ‍

Messenger is a marketing engine that stands to make a lot of businesses a great deal more sales when used right

In fact recently the team at Chatmatic, a leader in the messenger space, performed an in house test to see how much one of their customers made compared to email... they looked at a small window (3 days) and asked them to tally up how many emails they sent during that period and how many messenger messages were sent...

then they added up how much they made from each...

The results blew them (and me) away... $0.26

The email list made .26 per email sent. Not bad considering this was in a 3 day period where they mailed the same list 3 times.


They made $4.28 per Messenger message sent, and they sent to their Messenger subscribers 2 times during that same period of time.

So as you can see there is a major advantage to having Messenger subscribers and knowing how best to reach them to maximize this incredible attention getting marketing system...

But wait, messenger subscribers?
What are those?

Similar to how you have been collecting email subscribers over the years (you have been, right?) messenger subscribers are collected whenever someone engages with you in a conversation allowing you to collect, their name, profile photo, email address, and even the phone number that is associated with their Facebook account


Any other information you want to ask!

The benefits of this method are that:

1. You don't have to push them to another landing page (which FB doesn't like)
2. You can collect this information just by asking the user to click a button.
3. Facebook has already validated the information for you (but you can collect alternate information)
4. The whole process feels seamless to the user because you keep them on the same platform
5. You get an overall lower CPL (Cost Per Lead) because of how you are able to target messenger users

So overall it's a win for you and your business!

In todays world we are becoming accustomed to instant results

and that is true of reaching businesses. If we have a question for a business we want to be able to get that answer INSTANTLY. ‍

A recent Facebook study showed that 90% of consumer agree they will do business with the company that answers them first...

Exactly, 90%.

A few short years ago this wasn’t really possible...

Messenger wasn’t as popular as it is now and wasn’t being used as actively to talk to a business...

However that is all changing now as you can tell.

That is the “Reactive” side to Messenger automations and we’ve found that to be incredibly important. If a home builder misses a message from a potential prospect that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars... so ignoring and not automating Messenger is just unacceptable now that tools like Chatmatic exist and you’ll see why.

The “Proactive” side of Messenger is where profits start to sky rocket and the automations turn for the companies favor. Facebook allows businesses to automate incoming AND outgoing Messages through the platform which makes it a new marketing channel.


…being able to reach a customer in an app that they use DAILY to communicate your offerings without the same “noise” that comes with sending emails. It’s this idea that has lead to Messenger having an astonishing 85% average Open Rate, more than 3x that of email marketing.